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Bam Netherlands On Testing with Newest Light-Vest Leds Work Safety Line

Bam Netherlands On Testing with Newest Light-Vest Leds Work Safety Line

Bam  The Netherlands

Last Friday 20 April, our new Light-Vest leds work Safety line tried their reaction Top Product!

We are of course very happy with this response and would like to share it with you. Imagine that you never need no flashlight headlight, you can work with your hands free. That’s what Rino Lafranceshina also says of De Poort van Bunnik a Bam branch in Utrecht. They have a Safer & comfortable feeling through our Lightvest products. The Safety Vests of Light-Vest Leds Work BV are a real invention!

Of course they have already made big steps with their old LightVest line, but with the newest line that is watertight & can be washed up to 40x is of course great. We at van de Poort van Bunnik are super satisfied with the new Light-Vest LEDs Work Safety Vests Thanks to the amount of light coming from it, we have enough work light to be able to fulfill our tasks in a radius of 180 degrees and up to 5 meters more. Because there are up to 120 hours of light through the Light-Vest LEDs work Safety vest we no longer need a light source and we are seen as normal up to 1,500 meters earlier. We would therefore be able to get the Light-Vest to be compulsory so that everyone can work in a safe and super easy way. And that the company in Nuenen Netherlands can make a lot of security with this wonderful development.

Light-Vest Leds work Thanks!

Poort Van Bunnik

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