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Light-Vest Leds Work bv registered for the MKB innovation Top 100 for the 2nd time 2018

Light-Vest Leds Work bv registered for the MKB innovation Top 100 for the 2nd time 2018

This year Light-Vest Leds Work from Nuenen is of course again!

But with their new line Light-Vest Leds Work Safety Vests, what makes it unique that our company has managed to get the technology in the inside such as the LEDs Switch or Lithium Battery waterproof. By the Nanotechnology our products are up to 40x Washable and you have a 2 year warranty!
This means that as a company you will not have to buy a Safety Vest or Flashlight for the next 5 years. So cost savings! Because we have our own sewing studios in the Netherlands, we can guarantee the quality and deliver the orders quickly. The Dynema Yarn and Strong fabrics that are dirt and water repellent our Light-Vest Leds Work Safety Line can not be broken and as a company you have a professional appearance and your employees are much safer than normal and they can finish the job easier and faster .

Also our new line is of course equipped with built-in LEDs with which you are both visible on stand 1 (from 1500 meters) and can work with hands free and that are the positions 4 to 7, You have in a radius of 180 degrees and up to 5 meters enough work light to no longer use a flashlight or other light source, so stop doing hard today and let your hands use what they are meant to do.

That is why we, as a company, of course have registered again because we think this product makes the world a lot easier and safer thanks to our new line Light-Vest Leds Work Safety Vests

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