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Light-Vest Leds Work Safety Vest Yellow Basic

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The Light-Vest Leds Work Safety Vests

The Light-Vest Leds Work Safety Line it is a unique Safety Vest with Leds build in to work with.
This product is manufactured in The Netherlands & For the next 5 Years You not need to buy Any Safety vest or
Lights Because off the High kwality end 2 years off Warranty.
Because off the Working lights build in you have 7 different light options to work end for high vissability.
Work with you hands free!


This Light-Vest Leds work leds Vest version have Lights on the front to have a Light in your anvirment end work with your hands free.

The Light-Vest leds Work Safety line meets all the guide lines according to Europ EN-20471 & Ansi Class 2.

The products of Light-Vest leds Work are of high quality because the product is made on Dutch soil and they get the best stuff out of the world to make the product as good and sustainable as possible.

Just like the YKK riots and the Dynema yarn that gives the product a pulling power of up to 300 kg.

The light-Vest leds Work Safety vest is a unique product because you can use it as Safety vest with higher visibility Function & as Work lighting.

The vests have 24 LEDs and 7 light modes to quickly get the job done for every situation and work with your hands free.

You have up to 120 hours of light without having to charge the vests.

If the product is empty, the product will have 2 chargers supplied so that you can get back to work quickly within 2 hours.

The product is also washable Our components that we use are waterproof because of our unique Nanotechnology our product is washable up to 40 X and you do not have to buy safety vest or flashlight for up to 5 years!


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Additional information

Weight 300 kg
Dimensions 30 x 30 x 2 cm


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