Lightvest - Collse Heide 40 - 5674 VN Nuenen

Light Vest RWS orange with Backlight


This version of the Light Vest, for both men and women, adds an extra dimension to the vest. As seen in the picture, this vest is available an orange colour. The standard Light Vest RWS ensures you have lights in front so that you are highly visible when working outside in low-light conditions. The bonus feature that this Light Vest has is that it also has red lights along the back between the shoulders so that others can see the wearer even if they approach from behind. This is the ideal solution as a form of security for people outside that still want to work in the dark – both the front and rear is visible via lighting in the front and back. This vest also enables hands free work! The Light Vest RWS with back is Public Works approved, because it has the H-section included.

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Backlight, Orange, RWS