Lightvest - Collse Heide 40 - 5674 VN Nuenen

Light Vest Yellow with Backlight


This Light Vest’s base ensures that you are highly visible in the dark to others due to the front light that is situated on the shoulders. This vest gives something extra; this vest also ensures that you are visible from the back. The vest is also equipped with red lights on the back between the shoulders. Therefore, the vest is ideal for working outside when it gets dark. The basic version of the Light Vest ensures all that you visible when it gets dark outside, but this Light Vest with the back creates some additional lighting so that you can be seen from other angles as well. You can get this vest in multiple colours – here it is the yellow version of the vest. Additionally, this vest is easy to use because there are no sleeves meaning that you can work easier.

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Backlight, Yellow