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Why the Light Vest is Useful for Security Companies and Police Departments

There are some people that work in fields that help protect the rest of us from various dangers. These people are often put into areas where they themselves are in danger from other travellers. The brave men and women that work in the police force and security companies require more safety equipment than most other professionals. The Light Vest is designed to help people working in these two professions avoid incidents by making them clearly visible to all other people whether they are driving or just to reassure people with their presence.

Why Light Vest?

Safety vest are an essential part of the gear that police officers and security guards need in order to effectively carry out their duties outside in conditions that often cause drivers to have very low visibility. The Light Vest is an advanced safety vest that comes equipped with 24 LED lights strategically located all across the vest to ensure that no matter the angle, there is clear visibility. The lights are battery powered and have an output of a massive 480 Lumens that can be adjusted depending on the intensity required. Not only will travellers see the vest clearly, the Light Vest can provide light in a 5 meter radius, ideal for situations where both hands are occupied and a torch cannot be held.

The Light Vest is EN471 Certified, adhering to the highest safety standards. The vest comes with a charger that will fully charge the LEDs in 3 hours using a portable 110V AC – 240V AC charger. A portable 12V DC charger is available on request. With a single charge, you can expect up to 80-100 hours of continuous light from the 24 LED lights.

The vest also comes with a Nano coating to help protect it in harsh outside conditions, ensuring that even in bad weather conditions the wearer has maximum benefit and reliability.

Equip your police force or private security service with the gear that they need to do their job better, safer and faster. Call or message us today!

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